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Griddle Cakes and Breads Recipes

Griddle Cakes and Breads Recipes

Some cakes, breads and biscuits (cookies) can be cooked on top of the oven, so although not strictly 'bakes', they still qualify for this collection. Here are some delicious scones, old-fashioned country breads and cakes. One advantage to most of them is that they can be cooked very quickly. Why not try making some for that lazy Sunday breakfast you've been promising yourself? Most of them are cooked on a griddle or in a frying pan (skillet), but there are a couple of fried (sauteed) and steamed recipes too.

  1. Barbadian Conkies

  2. Cheese Griddle Scones

  3. Cornmeal Cakes

  4. Crumpets

  5. Deep-Fried Christmas Biscuits

  6. Doughnuts

  7. Easy Drop Scones

  8. Fruit Scotch Pancakes

  9. Griddle Scones

  10. Maple Drop Scones

  11. Mexican Spiced Corn Bread

  12. Naan Bread

  13. Oat Bannocks

  14. Orange Scotch Pancakes

  15. Pikelets

  16. Potato Doughnuts

  17. Singing Hinny

  18. Special Scotch Pancakes

  19. Steamed Rye and Sweetcorn Bread

  20. Steamed Sweetcorn Bread

  21. Swedish Flat Bread

  22. Welsh Cakes

  23. Welsh Pancakes

  24. Wholemeal Chapatis

  25. Wholemeal Puris

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