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No-Bake Cakes and Bars Recipes

No-Bake Cakes and Bars Recipes

When time runs out completely or you are short of ingredients in your store cupboard, there are still some tasty treats you can create for the tea table.

  1. American Crispy Rice Bars

  2. Apricot Squares

  3. Apricot Swiss Roll Cake

  4. Broken Biscuit Cakes

  5. Chestnut Slice

  6. Chestnut Sponge Cake

  7. Chocolate and Almond Bars

  8. Chocolate and Fruit Cake

  9. Chocolate and Ginger Squares

  10. Chocolate Crisp Cake

  11. Chocolate Crumb Squares

  12. Chocolate Fridge Cake

  13. Chocolate Layer Cake

  14. Chocolate Praline Squares

  15. Honey Chocolate Cookies

  16. Luxury Chocolate and Ginger Squares

  17. Nice Chocolate Bars

  18. No-Bake Amaretti cake

  19. No-Bake Buttermilk Cake

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