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Pastries Recipes

Pastries Recipes

Lots of cakes can be made with a pastry (paste) base, or use pastry as their main component. You can buy excellent pastry of all kinds from the chill cabinet or freezer at your local supermarket, or you can make your own.

  1. Almond and Peach Pastry

  2. Almond Pastries

  3. American Shortbread Pastry

  4. Apple Windmills

  5. Cheese Pastry

  6. Cheesy Mandarin Puffs

  7. Chocolate Eclairs

  8. Choux Cream Buns

  9. Choux Pastry

  10. Cream Horns

  11. Danish Birthday Pretzel

  12. Danish Pastry

  13. Danish Pastry Snails

  14. Danish Pastry Plaits

  15. Danish Pastry Windmills

  16. Feuillete

  17. Flaky Pastry

  18. Pate Sucree

  19. Profiteroles

  20. Puff Pastry

  21. Rich Shortcrush Pastry

  22. Ricotta-filled Pastries

  23. Rough Puff Pastry

  24. Shortcrust Pastry

  25. Shortcrust Pastry with Oil

  26. Walnut Puffs

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