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Fruit Cakes Recipes

Fruit Cakes Recipes

This section includes not just traditional fruit cakes made with sultanas, currants and raisins, but also delicious fruit cakes containing apple, apricots, pineapple and other fruity ingredients.

  1. All-in-one Fruit Cake

  2. All-in-one Pan Fruit Cake

  3. American Rich Cake

  4. Australian Fruit Cake

  5. Carob Fruit Cake

  6. Coffee Fruit Cake

  7. Cold Tea Fruit Cake

  8. Cornish Heavy Cake

  9. Currant Cake

  10. Cut-and-come-again Cake

  11. Dark Fruit Cake

  12. Dundee Cake

  13. Eggless Overnight Fruit Cake

  14. Farmhouse Honey Fruit Cake

  15. Foolproof Fruit Cake

  16. Genoa Cake

  17. Ginger Fruit Cake

  18. Glace Fruit Cake

  19. Guinness Fruit Cake

  20. Hot Tea Fruit Cake

  21. Mincemeat Cake

  22. Oat and Apricot Fruit Cake

  23. Overnight Fruit Cake

  24. Raisin and Spice Cake

  25. Richmond Cake

  1. Saffron Fruit Cake

  2. Soda Fruit Cake

  3. Speedy Fruit Cake

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