Sweet Breads and Rolls Recipes

Sweet Breads and Rolls Recipes

Some breads made with eggs, milk or sugar are very much on the borderline between breads and cakes! Here are some interesting ones for you to try.

  1. Almond Plait

  2. Apple Brioches

  3. Brioches

  4. Chelsea Buns

  5. Coffee Buns

  6. Creame Fraiche Bread

  7. Croissants

  8. Forest Rounds

  9. Nutty Twist

  10. Orange Buns

  11. Pain Chocolate

  12. Pandolce

  13. Panettone

  14. Plaited Brioche

  15. Tofu and Nut Brioches

  16. Wholemeal Sultana Croissants

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